About York Village

York Village was originally built by St. Louis Developers Gunther Meier and Norman Comfort in 1926.  Today, there are 142 homes and includes the areas referred to as: York Village, York Village Woodlands, York Hills, and McKnight Ridge. The ​Street names are: York Drive, Northcote Road, Middlesex Drive, Sussex Drive, Southcote Road, York Hills Drive, and Cricket Lane.  Click here to learn more about the history of York Village.

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Tower Entrance Renovation

After an inspection by a structural engineer, several improvements were recommended. The interior floor and patio area were removed and replaced with new concrete. A new stormwater drain was installed at that time as well. 

The original lamps were removed and refurbished off-site and have been reinstalled. The electrical system has been upgraded and the tower and entrance pillars have been tuck pointed.

We commissioned custom stained glass windows and installed landscape lighting. 

Now our tower is ready to stand proudly for the next 100 years!

Good Neighbors

Some of our "good neighbor rules" include keeping the "speed horses" in the street, cleaning up after pets, and not draining liquids into the street.
When water drains into the street from gutters, pools, sump pumps, or yard fountains it creates "channels" in the asphalt over time. Repairing the damage costs all of us.

It is important to be a good neighbor and remove any existing drains into the street and don't install new ones in the future.

This is a website maintained by the York Village Trustees to keep homeowners in York Village informed and up to date. Your Trustees are dedicated to preserving and improving the character, quality, and value of our neighborhood.

York Village

​St. Louis, MO