York Village

​St. Louis, MO

Improvements and Construction in York Village

Committed to preserving and improving the character, quality, and value of our neighborhood.

While all construction projects must follow the applicable Brentwood City Code, projects in York Village also require the formal approval of the York Village Trustees.

Please refer to the indentures to see what types of construction or improvements require approval.  

The trustees request neighbors follow this "work flow" when submitting requests:

  • Discuss with your adjoining neighbors.  Gather all of your plans, drawings, hopes, and dreams and sit down with your adjoining neighbors to review the documents.  To indicate your neighbors approve the project, please ask them to sign and date all of the pages.  Once your neighbors approve your plans, move on to the next step. 

  • Submit plans to your York Village Trustees.  Please try to include all documentation that will "bring your project to life" including blueprint drawings, color swatches, drainage, landscaping, elevation, and site plans.   Your trustees meet monthly, and sometimes more often.  We will work to review your plans and provide approval or request for additional information as soon as possible.  

  • Be prepared to obtain a Bond from your contractor as described in the indentures.  This is primarily intended to cover costs to repair any street damage caused by your contractor or sub-contractors. Click This Link to download the Bond Form.

  • Once approval is obtained from the York Village Trustees, move forward with the process of obtaining all the necessary approvals, permits, inspections, etc. with the City of Brentwood.

  • Once your project starts, communicate any changes, additions, or subtractions back to your Trustees as they occur.

For more about the process and requirements, click on back to the Trust Indentures page of this site.