York Village

​St. Louis, MO

York Village Trust Indentures

Committed to preserving and improving the character, quality, and value of our neighborhood.

You might hear your neighbors refer to the "Indentures" of York Village.  To download the entire document, click the blue button.

Highlights of the document:

  • The streets of York Village are owned by the residents of York Village.  The Trustees responsibility is to oversee the care and maintenance of the streets and common areas.  However, the Trustees do not "own" them.  The Trustees facilitate collection of resident assessments on an annual and as needed basis to preserve the character, quality, and value of our neighborhood.

  • NO overnight parking on the streets.  Overnight parking is not allowed for a number of good reasons including accessibility for emergency vehicles as our streets are very narrow.  Automobiles may be parked upon the streets on a temporary, isolated, non repetitive basis only and only when a complete fire lane for emergency vehicles is left open. Vehicles may never be parked directly across the street from another parked vehicle. Trustees will post warnings on vehicles and/or have vehicles towed at the discretion of the Trustees.

  • Homeowner construction projects must be submitted to the Trustees and approved by the Trustees BEFORE work begins. The Trustees shall have the power to require residence owners to provide a bond or deposit for expense of cleaning or repairing the roads as a condition of plan approval.​  To learn more about the process to gain Trustee Approval BEFORE any construction begins, click to this other page of our website.