York Village Entrance at York Hills Drive

June 2018

Committed to preserving and improving the character, quality, and value of our neighborhood.

The Southernmost entrance to our neighborhood is at McKnight and York Hills Drive.  York Hills was originally a private stand-alone lane but merged with York Village around 1955.  We estimate the current monument at that entrance was built around 1952.

As you can see in the photos, the old brick monuments are beyond repair. Additionally, they do not tie in with the theme of our main entrance at York Drive.  Click here to read another endorsement of the design from Architect and life long York Village resident Rich Emery.

Here is a link to download and view a photo of how the entrance looks now.

Here is a link to view and download a mock up of how the new entrance monuments will look.

Here is a link to view and download the site plan as of April 29, 2018.

This project will NOT require a special assessment as the cost is coming out of our current funds.

The trustees have spearheaded this project with ongoing communication and input from stakeholders in the neighborhood since the concept was first presented at an owner's meeting on June 11, 2015. To learn more about the Trustee's roles and responsibilities,  visit the Trust Indentures page of this site.

Unfortunately, this initiative was tabled in August 2018 after a vocal minority in the neighborhood rose up to protest.  As best we can ascertain, their objections were to the size and cost of the plan.  Ultimately the trustees that led the effort served out their terms and moved on to become normal neighbors again.

As we update this page in January 2021, the entrance is unimproved and has further deteriorated.  Bummer.

York Village

​St. Louis, MO